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African American Role Models Are Critical Development Of Your Child

It is necessary for African American kids to have positive role models. One of the main problems in the African American community is a lack of role models other than athletes or rappers. Role models in the black community that are not rappers or athletes are hard to find. It is necessary for kids and adolescents to have a hands-on role model. With violence and drugs at almost every corner due to the lack of employment and equal educational opportunities, an overwhelming percentage of African Americans teenagers get involved in the street life. It is astonishing that in one community a child can say, “ it’s easier to find drugs and violence than to find a positive role model as a male in the black community.” Research has shown that kids with positive role models are more motivated in school and get better grades while raising their chances of college attendance, which, in turn, will lead not only to a strong self-image but a broader opportunity.

Now there is a website, Afrokids.com, specifically for African American children, where they can discover and learn about strong, positive African American men & women throughout history. Afrokids.com was developed for African-American children to provide an engaging educational website where they learn about strong positive African-American role models and, in turn, change many African-American kids’ lives for the better.

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