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Afrokids.com Has Launched Its Premium Subscription Service!

Afrokids.com is designed for the needs of African-American children. Our contemporary multimedia websites offer significant value to children by building self-esteem and reconnecting them to their cultural heritage, teaching life lessons, family values, respect, and responsibility.

Afrokids.com, an exciting, full-featured website, providing educational value, outstanding entertainment and cultural diversity, has launched its premium subscription service.

An Afrokids.com subscription offers unique & engaging media for children ages 3-5, 6-9 and 10+, where they will experience hours of enjoyment through learning! They will have so much fun on Afrokids.com, they may forget it’s educational.

At Afrokids.com, children 3-5 will discover Phonics A to E, Best Of Uncle T, Akili And Me, They Wore Glasses (A Galloloo Short Story), Afrokids Nursery Rhymes such as: Little BoPeep, Three Blind Mice, Old Woman In A Shoe, Simple Simon, Little Miss Joan.

Children ages 6-9 will find Afro-Classic Folk Tales featuring animated shorts and puppetry portraying classic African American tales such as Americana, Dance of the Animals and more. They will also learn about Virtual Reality, discover Love to Code with Ubongo Kids & learn about The Water Cycle.

Children ages 10+ can explore Hack-a-thons and discover how science, technology, engineering, art, and math will help to prepare them today for the opportunity tomorrow.

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